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Peter W. Walsh Award Recipient

2023 PW Winner - Melanie Fraley.png

Melanie Fraley
2023 Peter W. Walsh Award Recipient

City of Novato

Nominated by:  Redwood Empire Chapter


The final event of every Conference is the Thursday dinner/dance. After enjoying a delicious meal everyone in attendance eagerly awaits the announcement of the 2023 Peter Walsh Award honoree. This award is the highest honor presented by the Maintenance Superintendents Association.

This year saw two very deserving members being nominated for this prestigious award. NCVC nominated Adin Selby and the Redwood Chapter nominated Melanie Fraley. The 2022 award winner, Gerard Batista, spoke to the crowd about each nominee’s qualifications. Upon finishing, Gerard opened the sealed envelope and announced that Melanie Fraley was selected as the 2023 winner! After her name was annouced, she was escorted to the podium where she thanked everyone for the Award. She spoke about the support and mentoring she has received while serving as the Executive Board President. She also thanked her boss, Lyle Waite, who got her involved with the MSA shortly after he was hired by the City of Novato. Melanie gave special thanks to her husband Lucky and her entire family for their support of her public service career. 

Lastly, she thanked the members of the Redwood Chapter for nominating her for the Peter Walsh Award. She plans to continue the work of the chapter and the entire MSA to increase the opportunities for education and participation in the Association. Congratulations to Melanie Fraley for being selected as the 46th honoree in the history of the MSA. 

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