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Adin Selby Elected 2017 Treasurer

Updated: May 20, 2018

Adin Selby - 2017 E-Board Treasurer

One of the most important duties of the EBoard Past President’s Committee (PPC) is to interview, evaluate and present their choice for the position of Treasurer to the full EBoard. Following this year’s selection process, the PPC proudly put forth their choice, who was quickly nominated and elected to serve in 2017. The new Treasurer is Adin Selby, Facilities Maintenance Manager for the City of Gault and member of the North Central Valley Chapter. Despite his busy schedule, Adin is enthusiastic about becoming an Executive Board officer.

Despite only thirteen years in Public Works, Adin has rapidly advanced through the ranks and has been recognized by his employer as 2011 City of Gault “Employee of the Year. He has also been named NCVC “Superintendent of the Year” in 2012. He received Association recognition with the presentation of a 2013 Founders Award. Adin was also nominated by his chapter for the Peter Walsh Award in 2016.

Adin has been an MSA member since 2005. He began his chapter service right away. First, serving as chapter treasurer for two years, followed by terms for all board positions, culminating in a two-year term as president in 2010-11. Without skipping a beat, he became a delegate to the Executive Board in 2011.


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