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Public Works Specialist Certification Program

To achieve the Public Works Specialist certification you must complete 12 of the classes offered.

To achieve the Public Works Technician certification you must complete 6 of the classes offered.

“Introduction to Public Works” is the prerequisite to all classes.

Tuition is only $100/each online class. This includes tuition, credit card processing fee and all necessary material.  There are no other costs associated with these courses.  NOTE:  It is anticipated the tuition fee will increase to $150/class in 2024.

Each student is required to sign a Scholastic Ethics Code and Syllabus Acknowledgment

Watch Slideshow: Public Works Specialist Certification Program

Download MSA Education Brochure

Click here to view current training schedule for classes starting October 9, 2023.

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Education Director: Lory Warren

Phone: (520) 256-2007


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