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2020 Peter W. Walsh Award Nominees & Recipient

2020 Peter W. Walsh Award Recipient - Randy Carnahan

Santa Barbara County

Nominated by: Central Coast Chapter

Despite the challenges of the current COVID restrictions, a large number of MSA members “gathered together” virtually on the final evening of the 2020 Conference. All were waiting to hear the announcement of this years Peter Walsh Award winner. With three worthy nominees waiting to hear the winners name, the online crowd silently kept an eye on their computer screens. When the envelope was opened, Randy Carnahan became the 2020 honoree. Following a few frenetic minutes of congratulations, Randy took a few minutes to thank his wife Marilyn for her constant support. He also thanked his employer Santa Barbara County for allowing him to be so involved in the MSA. He also took a moment to show his appreciation to the Central Coast Chapter, whom he has led for many years.

Randy is a worthy winner, having served his Chapter and the EBoard for the past 23 years. In 2019, Randy was the MSA Executive President, traveling all over California and Arizona visiting every Chapter with the “First Lady” Marilyn by his side. “I’m honored to be named the Peter Walsh Award winner. I can’t believe I won.” Randy mentioned his fellow nominees, Adin Selby and Rudy Cancio. “They both deserve this award as much as I do. I appreciate receiving the MSA’s highest honor”.

Following the presentation of the Award, everyone online raised a glass and toasted a most worthy winner! Congratulations Randy.


From Randy Carnahan:

At the virtual award ceremony, which took place on September 24th , I was awarded the top honor in the Maintenance Superintendents Association and joined the elite group of Peter Walsh Award winners.

I’ve never been much of a self-promoter since I always felt that I am only a part of the bigger picture. I have been very lucky to have the support of my management team here at Santa Barbara County, along with the support of my wife Marilyn, and a great group in our Chapter.

The leadership on the Executive Board provided me with many mentors and examples of what great leadership looks like. Lyle Waite recommended some self-help leadership reading that talked about team building. This has helped me greatly in my career. Pete Cortopassi, Lory Warren, Bob Morgenstern, Rick Fulmer, and Ken Fischer provided me with a lot of guidance when I first started on the Executive Board.

Since then I have met so many colleagues either at Conferences, Trade Shows, or E-Board meetings that share so many of their experiences, it allows me a treasure trove to choose from when making decisions in my work and personal life.

Although this year has had so many challenges for our Organization, I have to hand it to Susie Evans and the San Diego Chapter for doing a fantastic job setting up the Virtual Conference in honor of Bill Copeland and the Beverley Copeland Foundation, then topping it off with the happy hour and awards ceremony.

Gary Lewis, the co-chair of the Awards Committee, along with his wife Nan joined Marilyn and I at our house for the award presentations. Congratulations to Sue Bowman - Wulf for winning the Stellar Vendor Award. She truly does a lot to support the MSA. After the Peter Walsh announcement, Gary presented me with the plaque and then we brought in the Perpetual Award, where he attached my name plate. Even though we weren’t able to celebrate with all of our friends having the award presented in-person by Gary with our friends watching virtually made it a great event.

Thank you to Lory Warren for her photoshopped picture of the previous Peter Walsh Awards Winners and sharing on social media. I appreciate all the congratulations sent my way and look forward to being able to celebrate in-person once this Social Distancing is over.

Randy Carnahan

2020 Peter W. Walsh Award Winner

The nominees for the 2020 Peter W. Walsh Award were:

San Diego Chapter

Nominates: Rudy Cancio, City of Chula Vista

Central Coast Chapter

Nominates:  Randy Carnahan, Santa Barbara County

North Central Valley Chapter

Nominates:  Adin Selby, City of Galt


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